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How to log in?

Log in to the company profile management through eMessukeskus, the Exhibitor Service Online. More information about the accounts and log in process to eMessukeskus can be found from Info-page.

How do I navigate to company profile management?

  1. Log In to eMessukeskus and select the event you want to edit.
  2. Select the “Market you participation” tab and select “Update company profile”.

Your profile page is visible on the event site after the profile page is saved for the first time.

Menu items and basic navigation

Main menu is located on the left side of the window.

Menu has following sections:

  • Media where you can upload and manage images and files
  • Profile pages where you can manage and edit your profile page content
  • Catalog items where you can manage and add catalog items
  • Chat Inbox where you can manage and answer to questions sent in Chat
  • Suomeksi / In English changes the UI language

If you change the UI language this affects only the admin UI language. It has no affect on the content displayed on the event site to the users.

Profile pages

Profile page consist of four sections.

  1. On the top of the page general information is shown as Hero element. Information to Hero is added to form fields in Admin
  2. Free content is added to predefined content elements. You can add as many elements you like and change the order.
  3. All the offers you add to catalog are shown on profile page. The catalog is also a separate page on the site that contains all catalog items.
  4. Program content is shown on the bottom of the page. The visibility of program depends on the event and might not be available.

Profile page structure

How to edit profile page

General information

  1. Give a name to your profile at the top of the page. The name is visible in the service and acts as a search parameter.
  2. Add general information such as: description, contact person info and image
  3. Select profile category on the right side menu. Categories are shown on company list page.

Add content to profile

  1. Add your own marketing content to the page:
    1. Click ”Add element” in the “Free content” section .
    2. Select which kind on element you want to add. You have multiple options such as “text and image”, “text and video” and a free text element.
    3. Enter text and upload images. Images are shown with 660 px width on the page. Image height is not cropped. Amount of text is not limited.
    4. You can format text e.g. paragraph styles, text styles and lists
    5. You can add a link from link button. You can add links to external sites and to documents.
    6. If you want to embed videos to the page use ”Video and text” -element. You can add videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Add video url eg. ”” to the “Video URL” field. If you do not have videos uploaded to video services you can link the video file directly to the page
    7. You can ad multiple elements to the page and change their order
    8. If you want to delete an element select the “-” button on the element header row.

Save changes and publish pages

When you want to save the changes added to the page select “Update” on the right side menu

Remember to save changes every time you update content

The page is published automatically

If you want to remove the page from the event site change the status of the page to Draft.

If you want to publish the page again change the status to Published.

You can preview your page by selecting “View profile page” from the sidebar navigation on the right.


Enter basic information for catalog items

  1. Add name to your item from the top of the page.
  2. Fill the form details:
    1. Description
    2. Price and Original Price *
    3. Valid from and to dates
    4. URL where you want to direct the users
    5. Image

* If your item does not have price you can leave price and original price fields empty

** If price and original price are equal leave original price empty

*** If you enter Price and Original Price  discount percentage is displayed automatically on the event site.

How to publish catalog items

  1. Publish the item with “Publish” button on top right menu
  2. After the item is published select offer category from right side menu


Chat management

  1. Enable chat from profile page Chat section. When chat is enabled the chat icon and chat screen is visible on your profile page.
  2. Enter Chat agent name. Chat agent name is visible for the visitors on the chat screen.
  3. Enter welcome message. Welcome message is visible on the chat screen when it is opened.
  4. Enter an email address if you want to receive notifications when new chat messages are received.

Using the chat to receive and send messages

You can view all received messages and send messages through the Chat Inbox menu.

  1. Open Chat Inbox menu
  2. All events and profile pages have their own chat inboxes. Select the profile page whose chat messages you want to view.

If you have received ne unread messages you will see notifications:

  1. Next to the Chat Inbox menu
  2. Next to the visitor name with *

After you have received a message from a visitor every chat conversation opens a new tab to the chat menu. Newest conversations is on the top. All contact persons in your company that have access to the service can view and answer to chat conversations.

If user has logged in to the service account name is visible in the chat conversation. If user has started conversations without logging in name “Visitor” or “Vieras” is displayed.

You can send files through the chat by clicking  + -icon.

Contact Form

With the Contact Form the visitor can send you a message when your chat is inactive. The Contact Form can be accessed by a button on your profile page. Exhibitors can control whether the form is in use and specify several different topics/reasons for contacting the exbihitor. Each topic’s contact requests can be directed to a different email address.

1. Choose whether the form is visible (enabled) or hidden on your profile page.
2. Write a title for the form in the “Form Description” field, eg. “Contact us!”
3. Add different subjects for the contact form, eg. “Book a meeting” and add in the ”Receiver” field the email address to which the answers will be sent.
4. You can add more different subjects from the blue button on the lower right side.
5. You can see all received contact requests on the “Contact messages” -tab in the side menu. From there you can also download the contact requests in CSV form.

Tips & Tricks

In order for you to success and create the best possible experience for the visitors we have gathered a few tips and tricks about how to use the service.

How to create a great profile page and stand out!

First set your goals – think about what you want to tell the visitors and where do you want to direct them

As an Exhibitor you want to stand uot of the crowd and to be remembered by the visitors. On top of that you should think about what you want the visitor to do straight after they have visited your profle page. For example do you want to direct them to an article, a usefull guide or go to your webshop?

What products or services are relevant for the audience at the moment. What do they get of it?

For you to success online you need to combine the elements of traditional event marketing and content marketing. The content needs to be relevant, benefit the visitor and targeted. So don’t just content with uploading your logo and generic business presentation. Engage your visitors with interesting offers and interactive content.

Tip! You can update your profile page and catalog item when ever you want!

Tips how to utilize the profile page


You can’t be available all the time and answer chat messages instantly. Add a text to your profile page when you are going to available and answering to chat conversations. You can turn off the chat when you are not available.

Online meetings

If you want to meet people online use your existing online meeting tools. For example if you want to meet online paste the meeting link to the chat message.

Public online presentations

Just like with online meetings utilize your existing tools. Book a meeting time from your calendar and present the links on your profile page. That way visitors can join your Teams, Meet or Zoom presentation.

Here’s an example (in Finnish)